K7™ Computing

K7 solutions have been tested and certified by the leading international test labs, and regularly win awards for product excellence. Below are some great feature.

  • Powerful Antivirus – Secure devices from threats like Ransomware. Cyber attacks from malicious websites (Windows, Android, iOS). It’s give real time protection.
  • Temporary File Cleaner – Using this tool periodically improves performance and rids your PC of temporary files after clean these file PC speed increase.
  • USB/Email Protection – K7 Antivirus Auto scans USB media and hidden malware with Email Attach file and remove unwanted file.
  • Zero Impact Security – Comprehensive protection that does not slow down PC or internet speed so it’s give best user experience rather than other.
  • Secure Online Transactions – Be assured that passwords and banking information are safe with K7 Antivirus protect system.
  • Easy Installation and Use – Download .exe file from website than install with one click after installation activation is so easy with license key that purchase from website So there is no need any technical knowledge for new user.

If someone haven’t tried K7 yet, we encourage to download a trial and experience the K7 difference.

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