eScan is an internet security solution that provides virus protection to businesses and home SOHO users. Download anti-virus for best antivirus security.

  • Anti-Theft – This technology prevents your Windows device from any kind of misuse. It allows you to lock your device or erase all the selected data remotely, if it gets lost or stolen.
  • Browser Security – eScan Web Safe feature facilitates safe and hassle-free surfing for a secured virus free browsing experience.
  • Easily manager Windows Registry – New user can easily manage Windows registry. So system performance increase.
  • USB Device –USB device can auto scan when insert in system.
  • Internet Security – eScan Cloud-based Security Network collects information of unknown threats with their user so you can protect with same unknown threats easily.
  • Fast Scan if demand- On-Demand Scanner comprises of smart White listing Technology that leads to faster scan of files, folders, memory, registry, services and all storage devices.

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