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K7 Premium 1 Year 1 PC

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K7 Antivirus Premium is a security software for Windows OS which protects your computer from latest viruses, worms and Trojan horses. This also serves as spyware protection and an adware blocker too.

Go to Below Tab Highlight about all available features with K7 Premium & How to use for download and activate process that’s very easy.

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Use K7 total Security for fully protected your PC. It won multiple international awards for stopping computer viruses protects users across the world from hackers and malware. It’s have User-friendly interface enables ease of use for non-technical users.
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How to use

Platforms: Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 8/ Windows 7/Windows Vista/ Windows XP
System Type: 32-bit or 64-bit of Desktop Operating System with Internet connection.

  1. Go to setup-eng-avp.exe & download setup file it is take time as system internet speed.
  2. Launch K7 application from computer download folder.
  3. Click on Activate.
  4. Click on “I have a Serial number
  5. Enter the activation details as serial key, your name and valid email address to receive PIN then mobile number and click on next
  6. Enter the PIN number sent in the provided email ID and click on Next.
  7. On successful Activation, your account information and license validity would be displayed. Now close window, Thanks.


K7 Premium Highlight 

  • Smart Real Time Protection
  • Anti-Spyware
  • USB Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Temporary File Cleaner
  • Internet Temp cleaner

 Easy Installation & Use • Designed to be simple and clear with a basic set up. User-friendly interface enables ease of use for nontechnical users.

Zero Impact Security We provide you full-fledged protection with almost no impact on your device performance. During real time protection it will not impact any other applications performance and lagging in streaming.

Antivirus & Anti Spyware • Protect all your device against rapidly growing viruses, trojans, ransomware, adware, key loggers, spyware, and all other malware’s. Proactively prevents attacks from malicious websites and monitors the system and network for potential threats in real time.

K7 Cere Bro Scan Engine Ultrafast and Scalable scanning engine which can detect not only the existing threats and emerging threats by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its proactive approach which can detect and prevent the most advanced attacks ensures Zero-day protection.

Smart Firewall • Implemented intrusion detection which automatically detects and blocks network-based attacks. Smart firewall which automatically assigns secured level of network based on user’s choice of location. It allows and helps you to record logs of network events and application access.

Email Protection • We take control of your mailbox and filter from all unwanted malicious content and spam. By using Bayesian filter, we detect and block all emails contains viruses, key loggers, junks and phishing attacks.

Performance Tools • On top of world class antivirus we provide you other performance tools to improve your system performance like USB vaccination, System Tune Up, Secure delete, Browser cleaner, Windows temp cleaner and Internet temp cleaner.

183 reviews for K7 Premium 1 Year 1 PC

  1. Jakir

    This product is very good easy to install and value for money

  2. Naransingh

    Perfect and comply my wish

  3. Naveen

    special low price is also a plus point.

  4. Karuna

    I like this antivirus

  5. Namit

    It is good for laptops.

  6. Kamrudeen

    It’s good enough to serve my purpose

  7. Kaidarmal

    it work perfect its update automatically

  8. Imran

    Good Antivirus

  9. kamran

    If you are looking for lightweight antivirus and you are a normal user then go for it..

  10. Komal

    U R Change Any System Example 100 Time Active Any Pc Anti Virus Any Problem

  11. Manmohan

    K7 guys are really doing a great job out there. Excellent antivirus and outstanding support.

  12. Bansilal

    Software is great but for me its useless to go with it

  13. Umashankar

    Also, compratively it is cost efficient as compared to a similar line of products which provide either same or even less services/features for same or higher price.

  14. Jaish kumar

    Prevents any kind of malware from harming your PC.

  15. Vinod

    K7 Premium Product My favorite of all time

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