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Quick Heal Internet Security 1 Year 1 PC

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All pro version security with secure your WiFi and PC from threats when you browse, bank, chat, and email.

Go to Below Tab Highlight for know all available features with Quick Heal Internet Security & How to use for download and activate process that’s very easy.

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Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. is the pioneer of antivirus research and development in India and has set the benchmark of computer security standards. Quick heal is award winning in IT every year. Founded in 1995, it is one of the most trusted brands for IT Security.

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Firewall 2 Way Protection • Firewall Protection ensures 2-way protection and scans both incoming and outgoing Internet communication.

Full Scan • You can scan on demand, schedule scans, or scan certain files and folders. Full Scan initiates a complete scan of all boot records, drives, folders, files, and vulnerabilities on your computer. Once Full Scan is done, only new files are scanned in future and thus it optimizes scanning requirement.

Boot Scan • Cleans even highly infected systems. Some viruses tend to be active if the system is running and they cannot be cleaned. Boot Time Scan starts scanning on next boot using Windows NT Boot Shell to clean stringent viruses.

Screen Locker Protection • Dodges malwares that lock the screen preventing access to your computer rendering it useless. You can create a short-cut key combination to initiate a clean-up of your computer and remove malicious programs bypassing such attempts.

Emergency Disk • Sometimes rootkits reappear even after anti-rootkit scanning. Hence, you can use Quick Heal Emergency Disk for complete cleaning.

Browser Protection • Browser Protection ensures that malwares embedded in browsers do not access folders on your computer.

Hijack Restore • Helps you restore the default settings of Internet Explorer modified by malwares, spywares, or even by you.

USB Drive Protection • Stops autorun malware of the USB drive to curb spread of malware to your system.

Browsing Protection • Blocks suspicious and harmful websites that can download malwares and worms to your PC or steal your data.

Ransomware Protection • Keeps your data and PC safe from ransomware attacks. Smart data backup and restore features act as a safety net to get your valuable data back in case of a ransomware attack.

Virus Protection • Blocks virus infections that try to infect computer programs to gain admin control and steal data.

Anti-Keylogger • Blocks all keystrokes spyware that can record your data and send to the hacker.

Malware Protection • Detects all kinds of malware, viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware that try to inflict your PC from various sources and removes them instantly.

Advance DNAScan • Keeps an eye on all the running programs on your PC to trace any suspicious behavior. DNAScan, our indigenous and proven detection mechanism, detects new and unknown malicious threats based on behavioral classification of the documents and files.

Email Protection • Prevents malwares coming through emails.

Firewall • Firewall Protects against network attacks.

IDS/IPS • Blocks all kinds of malware intrusion and hacking attempts. Detects and blocks Remote Desktop (RDP) brute-force attempts and IP of remote attackers.

Wi-Fi Scanner • Internet data travels via routers. Routers are subject to various vulnerabilities such as DNS hijacking, weak password, or weak Wi-Fi encryption. In such cases, communication over your router may be intercepted or hijacked. Wi-Fi Scanner scans your Wi-Fi router for possible vulnerabilities and recommends security measures.

Phishing Protection • Prevents all kinds of phishing attempts that try to steal your data. Fraudsters impersonate legitimate email notifications asking for login or banking credentials. This feature detects such attempts.

Safe Banking • Protects your credentials including bank account, username, and password during banking transactions and online shopping from getting stolen.

Spam Protection • Blocks spam emails and malware infected attachments

Parental Control • Makes Internet a healthy platform for your children. Regulates your children’s access to the Internet and blocks unwanted websites and apps to protect them from offensive content and online threats. Their safety is in your own hands.


Platforms: Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 8/ Windows 7/Windows Vista/ Windows XP
System Type: 32-bit or 64-bit of Desktop Operating System with Internet connection

  1. Go to
  2. Enter License Key without hyper (-) (Exp. 0ABCD2DEFG3PQR4TUVWX)
  3. Click SUBMIT and find your desire product after that download software .exe file
  4. Double click Setup file then download will start it take time as Internet speed and follow instruction on screen.
  5. Fill some basic details.
  6. Purchase from fill HANS Enterprises & as your wish
  7. Dealer Code leave blank it’s optional not necessary

After Submit All Details Enjoy Quick Heal License Version Now Your System is Safe. Thanks…

149 reviews for Quick Heal Internet Security 1 Year 1 PC

  1. Sudesh

    good concept received . very low price . pls update some more softwares . thankyou

  2. Ganesh

    It’s a Magical anti virus and working professional. it will remove all viruses

  3. Sumanth saithi

    It is good at catching virus needed regular update…

  4. Ritvik Dhanwa

    This a true unbiased loyal customer review and I recommend this to every PC user out there.

  5. Tushar

    I recommend this one is for everyone

  6. Parvesh

    Include some money and buy QH total security that give fully package and more feature.

  7. Shriniwash

    Excellent antivirus

  8. Ramkishan

    I got the Key to my gmail just after 2 min.

  9. Sidharth

    it is the first antivirus I have seen that a providing antivirus protection at a very reasonable price

  10. Hema

    It has good features like web security and instant deletion of malicious software and files

  11. Malhar

    Use the code to activate your antivirus. After activation you can clearly see 366days of validity.

  12. Krishnpal

    It’s very easy to install and use. My laptop performance is better then previous.

  13. Kalpit

    This product is easy to install and got a great offer, worth buying it from this seller. Because I compared it with direct store which is sold for a very higher price.

    Thanks for the offer.

  14. veeru

    Very nice working antivirus and site service very fast and full safe .

  15. Anil

    Value for Money, No PC lag software

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