Quick Heal Pro

Quick Heal Pro – If you personal use laptop and computer for basic work, Insert USB of unknown person and send general email using computer. In conclusion Pro is best one antivirus for your system.

Most Important Features –

  1. Firewall Protection ensures 2-way protection and scans both incoming and outgoing Internet communication.
  2. Full Scan initiates a complete scan of all boot records, drives, folders, files, and vulnerabilities on your computer.
  3. Sometimes rootkits reappear even after anti-rootkit scanning.
  4. Browser Protection ensures that malwares embedded in browsers do not access folders on your computer.
  5. Blocks virus infections that try to infect computer programs to gain admin control and steal data.
  6. Detects all kinds of malware, viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware that try to inflict your PC from various sources and removes them instantly.
  7. Prevents malwares coming through emails.

Firstly Buy Quick Heal Pro from comfort of your home.  Secondly Get Instant license Key Delivery on Email & SMS.

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